Breaking the Bank: Six Teams Over $130M in Payroll for 2017

Several teams have made their desire to win at any cost very apparent going into the 2017 season, as a review of team payrolls show that six teams exceed the $130M mark.

Leading the way are the Hamilton Crusaders, with $144,002,000 in guaranteed payroll obligations for the year, as of press time. The team carries heavyweights like Alan Isimo ($22.6M) and Zenjiro Suga ($20M), but has another three players over $10M each, and a total of 15 players over the $1M mark. Their 2016 payroll was merely $104M, for a nearly 40% increase for this season.

Not far behind mid-market Hamilton is the relatively larger market Montreal Metros, who will be paying their players a total of $137,072,000 this season. The Metros commitments include Judson Martel ($25.2M) and Hoshi Mizuguchi ($20.4M).

The list of the six teams over $130M in payroll is below:

  1. Hamilton Crusaders, $144M
  2. Montreal Metros, $137M
  3. Seattle Salts, $136.6M
  4. Jacksonville Ravens, $133.4M
  5. Calgary Inferno, $131.6M
  6. Chicago Pit Bulls, $131.6M


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