BOWL Games Start Today

The Bull Oceanic Winter League starts today, working out the cobwebs and developing the younger talent among the various Bull League minor-level players.

The BOWL includes players from Rookie level up to AA-level from all 20 Bull League franchises, and adds two months of baseball play to their experience in order to help them develop during the off-season.

There are 10 teams in the BOWL, based in five African cities and five Australian/New Zealand cities. Each team may borrow players from the minor leagues of two Bull League organizations.

Bull League GMs are invited to manage the developmental league’s teams during their season, as there is no overlap with the Bull League and the BOWL games and playoffs are scheduled to wrap up before the opening of Spring Training in April.

The five opening day match-ups include:

  • Newcastle Nuclears at Lagos Millionaires
  • Wellington Diggers at Cape Town Nuggets
  • Algiers Berbers at Sydney Surfers
  • Tunis Freemen at Melbourne Gold Rush
  • Cairo Pharaohs at Gold Coast Stars

All games will be held in Sydney, Australia.

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