Big Expectations Follow Yamada to Nevada

Nevada will have a new face patrolling left field next year, as the Speeders have announced they have signed international free agent Chitoji Yamada to a 6-year, $14.25 million contract.

The Japanese outfielder is a left-handed bat with a power stroke, who is sure to improve the Speeders lineup in a huge way.

Nevada has worked hard to restore their former glory – they hold the American Eagle League record (tied with Calgary) for championships at six, and have the most Bull Cup appearances (again tied with Calgary, and also Montreal).

Yamada joins other power hitters like catcher Ron Osborn, 3B Jose Torres, and right fielder Chris Huber to make a solid 3-4-5 in the batting order that is sure to give pitchers a rough ride next season.

Nevada fans are said to be ecstatic at the news and season ticket sales are expected to increase.


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