Barry Janmaat Finalizes Deal with Arizona

The Arizona Cowboys will welcome veteran free agent slugger Barry ‘The Hulk’ Janmaat to their batting order for next season after signing him to a one-year deal worth $990,000.

The Hulk had most recently been signed to the Jacksonville Ravens, who signed him to a one-year, $4.9 million deal last December, but he only made it through 18 games before rupturing his MCL on June 1, and missing out on the rest of the season.

Concerned about the 39-year-old’s future health, the Ravens let him go to free agency at the end of the season.

Now, a rebuilding Arizona seems willing to take a chance on the first baseman, at a steep discount. Should Janmaat stay somewhat healthy, he will provide valuable run scoring for the Cowboys, given his career .307 batting average, 808 runs scored, and 669 career RBIs.

In 2016, his last full season, he hit .299, with 7 homers, 43 RBIs, scored 40 times, and stole 3 bases. A late career Janmaat is still a huge improvement over many first basemen in the league, as evidenced not only by his strong hitting fundamentals, but also his superior fielding, with just 5 errors since 2013, in over 1,600 chances.


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