AEL Renamed to Metro League

(Game date: Sep. 30, 2018) — The American Eagle League, which was born out of the ashes of the Southern League in 1991, has been renamed to the Metropolitan League for the 2019 season, it was announced today.

The new name reflects the urban theme of the league, which has focused on moving its constituent teams into major US and Canadian cities.

With the renaming, the league has also acquired a new logo, featured above. The logo retains the classic color scheme along with iconic baseball elements, in a clean and recognizable image.

Philadelphia Liberty Warriors logo

Along with the announcement, the commissioner also revealed that the Denver Danger would relocate further east to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The club would be nicknamed the Philadelphia Liberty Warriors and remain in the East Division of the new Metro League.

The Dallas Deputies are also under new management, as Mike Zaam has recently been hired there. The team plans to rebrand soon, but a final name and logo have not yet been announced.

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