Admirals Advance, Take Down Cowboys

(GAME DATE – Oct. 14, 2019) — The St. Petersburg Admirals dispatched the Arizona Cowboys, winning the 2019 MLCS handily 4 games to 1.

St. Pete’s ace Jose Soto was positively stellar through the series, blanking Arizona in Game 1 on 3 hits as efficient Admirals offense generated the only 2 runs they needed to win the opener.

The Admirals run production opened up a bit more in Game 2 as they methodically disassembled the playoff neophyte Cowboys 9-4, with four home runs coming from the St. Pete’s offense.

The Cowboys sparked themselves back to life as the series moved to Phoenix, with Cody Martin coming up huge with a playoff record 3 home runs, including a bottom of the 1st Grand Slam. Arizona swamped the Admirals 12-4 in Game 3, reminding everyone why they were in the playoffs in the first place.

In Game 4, Dusty Hertz remained calm and collected as he allowed 6 earned runs from Arizona, coming in innings 5, 7 and 8. It was a back-and-forth run scoring battle that the Admirals had the better of in the end, winning Game 4 9-8.

Then, with their cleats on the Cowboys’ necks, Jose Soto sought to extinguish Arizona once and for all in Game 5. But Arizona would not settle quietly. They clawed 4 runs on Soto, the most of any of his 3 playoff appearances to date, and it would be the first game he did not complete in this postseason. St. Pete’s fought to tie it in the top of the 9th, and then it was a war of attrition for the next 7 innings, until the Admirals broke the deadlock on a Bill Clark 2-run shot off Phil Garrick that put them up 6-4.

Eppe Djikstra and Alexis Rosa set a their respective team playoff records for at bats with 8 each, and the win was awarded to Jerry Long, a young journeyman middle reliever for the Admirals. Alex Viramontes was named series MVP as the Admirals advanced to the Bull Cup, where they will face off against the Minneapolis Ravens.


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