Aces Lure Omar Medina in 2-year Deal

The Anchorage Aces have landed a 2-year, $6.22 million contract with former Toronto Nomads infielder Omar ‘Pops’ Medina, it was announced today.

The promising youngster was not offered arbitration last October, and became a free agent, leaving Toronto with a .247 career average, along with 7 home runs and 41 RBIs in three seasons there.

Omar Medina could see himself at SS for 2018 with Anchorage

Pops was at one time the #10 prospect in the league, but was no longer seen as a rising commodity in Toronto, where Medina had to battle with Juan Campos and others for playing time.

Anchorage already has 3-time All-Star Section Attack patrolling 2B, Medina’s usual territory, and has youngster Julio Rangel on the bench as a viable alternative, leading some pundits to believe that Medina could slot in at shortstop, where the speedy but offensively weak Jonathan Gutierrez was expected to be stationed.



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