Will We See Lengthy Bull Cup Drought End in 2020?

(GAME DATE — Sept. 19, 2020) — Several probable and confirmed pennant race teams this year have lengthy Bull Cup droughts, or have never won at all, meaning this year could see a record set when it’s all over.

Most prominent are the LL East division title winners, the Boston Brawlers, who have never won a Bull Cup in the 29 years since the trophy has been awarded. They came close just once, in the inaugural year, losing to the ten Chicago Knights in 1991, the first year the cup was contested.

Together with the Toronto Nomads, the Brawlers have the longest droughts in league history, as both teams existed in 1991 when the cup was first awarded and neither have won it. The Nomads are currently clinging on to a wild card spot in the LL by the skin of their teeth, and hope to make a second consecutive playoff appearance, a feat they have not done since 2007-2008.

The Arizona Cowboys were an expansion team formed in 2012, and have only had one postseason appearance, in 2019. They went to the Metro League Championship Series, but lost to the St. Petersburg Admirals, who went on to win the Bull Cup. Although they have never won the championship, their “drought” of 8 years is one of the shortest (aside from last year’s champs, the Admirals, obviously).

Amazingly, the other contenders in last year’s Bull Cup, the Minneapolis Ravens have not won the big prize since 1996, when they capped back-to-back seasons, giving them a 24 year drought.

The Nevada Speeders are in contention, occupying an ML wild card spot, and have not won the Bull Cup for 18 seasons.  The California Tidals hold the other ML wild card, and it has been six years since they have won the big prize, the shortest drought on the list.

Five-time Bull Cup champs, the New York Dragons, last appeared when they last won it all in 2008. They have a perfect 5-0 record in the Bull Cup Championships. They are in the first LL wildcard at the moment.


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