StatsLab Management Portal Goes Live

The Bull League has implemented StatsLab v3.16.2, a management and information portal for Bull League GM’s to better manage their organizations.

Every GM and Manager will have access using the “GM Login” menu option on the Bull League website. This brief YouTube video offers a walk through of the main features of the portal:

StatsLab is a full-featured portal that offers GM’s a wealth of statistical data about their team, in particular about a current season’s progress, including game previews, playoff odds, team summaries, player matchups and more.

It is not meant to replace the management functions in the OOTP17 game, but rather supplement those functions by offering more in-depth information to GM’s.

StatsLab also offers a convenient way of tracking and tabulating All Star and player award voting, Hall of Fame voting, and other interactions between GM’s and the league through the season. But one of it’s main features is the export tracker, which allows the league and the GM’s to see at a glance which teams have sent their OOTP17 team export files in prior to each simulation, and shows the date of the current league file.

As a result of the implementation of StatsLab, the sidebar league information where the current simulation date is shown will no longer be updated on this website.


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