St. Andrew’s Day Series a Success

The Bull League held its inaugural St Andrew’s Day Series, a one-day slate of exhibition games, featuring mainly inter-league matchups.

As the series occurs on the last day of November, the games were scheduled in AEL cities located in warmer areas, on in the case of Denver, a domed stadium.

The league introduced the series as a way of honoring Scottish contributions to baseball, and plans to make it an annual event.

For the first installation of the series, there were 7 match-ups. The match-ups and results are below:

Toronto Nomads 4 at Jacksonville Ravens 0 (boxscore)
W: Alex Medina  L: Ricky Rodriguez

Ohio Oxen 4 at Dallas Lawmen 5 (boxscore)
W: Bob Finney  L: Steve Howard  SV: Jon Courteau

Boston Brawlers 8 at Denver Highlanders 2 (boxscore)
W: Joaquin Torres  L: Marcus Cook

California Tidals 8 at Arizona Cowboys 9 (boxscore)
W: Ruben Medina  L: Lien-ying Li SV: Robby McWeeney

Chicoutimi Cinquantes 0 at Nevada Speeders 3 (boxscore)
W: Lorenzo Orozco  L: Mart Dewar  SV: Mitchell Nichols

Montreal Metros 6 at San Diego Seagulls 5 (11 innings) (boxscore)
W: Joe Niceley  L: Brett Abruzzo  SV: Ricardo Botello

Chicago Pit Bulls 2 at Seattle Salts 6 (boxscore)
W: Adam Price  L: Mario Morales


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