Ravens Select Seymour

Brandon Seymour, a center fielder with the Mass Bay Law College Maulers in the Can-Am College league, has become the first position player selected in this year’s entry draft. He was selected 5th overall by the Minneapolis Ravens, using their compensation pick.

The Ravens had been awarded the compensation pick for failing to sign Dan Mott last year in their 4th overall selection. Mott was selected 3rd overall this year by the California Tidals.

Seymour is a very capable center fielder, with great range, though with some limitations on his ability to throw from the deeper outfield. But his hitting is considered superior, and this season he batted .354 with an OPS of 1.025 thanks to his keen ability to pick up the ball out of a pitcher’s glove and lay off the bad throws. He has walked more than he struck out in the last two seasons.

The 21-year-old, from Mill Plain, Washington, is expected to start in Short Season A with the North Tonawanda Blaze shortly after the draft once he comes to terms with the Ravens.

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