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Several players are expected to hit major stat milestones this season, in what may turn out to be a record-breaking year for many anyway due to the lengthened 100-game season.

1B Barry Janmaat (OLE) could smash the all-time Hits record held by HOFer Carl Simms this season

First and foremost, the all-time Bull League record for career hits, held by Hall of Famer Carl Simms, could be smashed by 1B Barry ‘Hulk’ Janmaat (Olean Oilers), who is 33 hits away from tying the record of 1,655 hits. Janmaat averaged around 100 hits in seasons that were only 82-games long, and this year he will potentially have an extra 18 games to do it, virtually assuring he will surpass the record set by the iconic Simms.

Boston LF Narushi Ohata, currently tied for 3rd on the all-time hits list with 1,615, should also find himself ahead of the Simms before the mid-point of the season, along with the Oilers’ 2B Luis ‘Gonzo’ Silva, if he stays healthy. Silva currently sits at 5th on the all-time list with 1,604 hits.

Kingston Cannons 2B Francisco Erazo should get the 50 hits needed to hit the 1,500 career hits mark, and should keep his 6th place rank on the all time hits list.

Boston’s Ohata should also find himself hitting the 350 Home Run milestone this season, he currently is 8 away with 342. Ohata is 2nd on the all-time HR list behind Simms again, who hit 441 through his career.

Anchorage slugger 1B Takeo Otomo, who played with Calgary last season, is just 5 homers away from the 300 milestone, and is ranked 4th on the all-time list behind Hall of Famer Always Rosy, who has 332.  If Otomo stays healthy and plays the entire season, he stands a decent chance at surpassing the 3rd place Rosy on the list. Otomo once hit 41 homers in a season, the Bull League single-season record, and that was with the shorter 82-game schedule. But his last three years have seen the 38-year-old struggle with injuries, and he hasn’t had a complete season since 2013.

Several pitching records and milestones could be set this season as well. Olean’s Angelo Rodriguez, who already holds the all-time wins record at 138, could easily hit the 150 mark this season if he stays healthy. Battle Creek’s Niek Rodriguez is just 9 wins away from the 100 milestone, which would move him into 6th on the all-time list.


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