MacPherson, de Soto, Martin Among AEL All-Star Voting Leaders

The 2018 Bull League All-Star Game is just weeks away, but the votes are rolling in for the league’s premiere players who will represent both the American Eagle League and the Lake League in the midsummer classic.

This year’s All-Star Game will be played on July 19 [Probable Sim date: July 12] and hosted by the Calgary Inferno, who were selected after winning the 2017 Bull Cup Championship Series.

In the AEL the current top vote-getters are:

C – Earl MacPherson (Norfolk)
1B – Jim Lahey (Nevada)
2B – Miguel Ortega (Norfolk)
3B – Xavier de Soto (Miami)
SS – Danny Sanchez (Norfolk)
OF – Katai Kitigawa (St. Petersburg), John Webster (Denver), Chitoji Yamada (Nevada)
DH – Cody Martin (Calgary)
SP – Jose Soto (St. Petersburg), Rich Ojeda (Denver), Nate Noftle (Miami), Chris Zerkle (St. Petersburg), Jason Jankovic (Denver)
RP – Tragically Hipp (Seattle), Ryu Saito (St. Petersburg), Shi-min Chaim (Nevada), Mark Dominey (Denver), Adam Fitzpatrick (Seattle)

Of the AEL front-runners, MacPherson, de Soto, Sanchez and Martin are all alone in their categories, taking all the votes so far, with 4 GM’s registering their ballots as of today.

For the LL the field is much less certain, with several categories still up for grabs. The current top vote-getters are:

C – Tyrone O’Saurus (Ohio)
1B – Pedro Rosario (New York)
2B – Ronnie van der Wal (Toronto)
3B – (4 way tie) David Baker (Minneapolis), Alan Isimo (Rimouski), Zong-ming Gang (Boston), Justin Good (Ohio)
SS – Jake Jett (New York)
OF – Adam Russillo (Toronto), Craig Gnarly (Ohio), Juan Toothry (Ohio)
DH – Manny Davila (New York)
SP – Knuckles Malone (Toronto), Ricky Rodriguez (Minneapolis), Judson Martel (Montreal), Jim Torelli (Toronto), Jose Castaneda (New York)
RP – Alex Sanchez (New York), Jesus Carillo (Boston), Kyle Cahill (Rimouski), Jamie Jones (Toronto), and either other players tied with 1 vote

Voting will remain open until July 16th [To be announced on Slack during July 8 sim].


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