It’s Opening Day!

The Bull League has reached it’s Opening Day on the in-game calendar (Sunday, May 14). All twenty teams are in action today, kicking off the high hopes and dramas of the 2017 championship season, in the first regular season live sim.

The last team equipment trucks and flights have left the Spring Training stadiums and headed for their respective home clubs. In team front offices, the final 25-man rosters have been set and the veterans and lucky fresh rookies have been told their assignments.

GMs have planned their rosters and lineups, and set strategies for their organizations with the hopes of taking home a coveted Bull Cup at the end of the summer.

This year will be the first played with the new 100-game schedule, and that means batting and pitching records are bound to be smashed. For instance, Takeo Otomo‘s 41 home run season in 2009, which was played under the former 80-game schedule, could be obliterated as players add nearly 20% more games to their stats this year. Will there be a 50 home run hitter in 2017?

No pitcher has yet broken the 200 strikeout mark, with the season record set by Ricky Terrazas in 2011 still standing at 195. Add another 4 to 5 games to those arms this year, and we could easily see the 200 K record broken before the pennant race heats up.

Catch the Opening Day live sim games on our “Live Scores” link or in our #livesim channel on Slack (access required).


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