Division Offensive Summary

The Lake League East division is dominating the season offensively in every category, a recent analysis has found. This offensive onslaught is without a doubt due mainly to the incredible season the Montreal Metros (49-17) have posted in 2016.

The LL East is leading all Bull League divisions in batting average (.259), hits (2,988), home runs (368), and runs (1,508). The Metros are the division leader in each of those categories, and hold a 9-game lead over the 2nd place team, Boston (40-26), which itself would lead any other division in the league in almost all of those categories as well. Over all, the LL East has a 186-144 record.

The Lake League’s other division, the LL West, has Ohio Oxen (37-29) on top. Though they also lead their division in all of those offensive categories, they would be behind the Metros in every case except home runs, where they lead the Lake League with 95.

The LL West also have the best and worst base-running teams, with the 4th place Toronto Ducks (27-39) holding a league-leading 39 stolen bases, and the last place Battle Creek Attack (13-53) with just 4, which could end up an all-time worst in the Bull League for SB’s. The LL West has a 144-186 record.

Over in the American Eagle League, the two divisions are much closer in all of the offensive categories, and in win-loss record.

The AEL East record stands at 164-165, with a division batting average of .256, 320 home runs, and 1,491 runs. The top team in almost all of those categories is surprisingly in 3rd place, the Calgary Inferno (34-32) have put up great offensive numbers but poor defense has put them behind the Denver Highlanders (40-26) and the Jacksonville Ravens (34-31). Inferno lead the Bull League in home runs with 99, and are batting an impressive .275. Denver tops the division and the AEL with runs, scoring 366 times, due partly to their best-in-the-league 59 stolen bases.

Over in the AEL West, San Diego Seagulls (37-29) have taken first place away from the Seattle Salts (35-30), and are scooping up base hits despite only being behind 4th place Arizona Cowboys (30-36) in home run production. The Gulls have only 3 playoff appearances since 1995, but look secure in making another one if they can stay ahead of the pursuing Salts and Nevada Speeders (34-32).


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