Deputies Draft Mass Bay’s Horsley

The Dallas Deputies have chosen Matt Horsley as their first round selection in the entry draft this year, the club announced today.

Horsley, who was a starting pitcher for Mass Bay Law College in the Can-Am College League for the past two seasons, is considered by many to be a superb groundballer with a bright future in the Bull League.

The native of Pasadena, Texas, is 14-6 after two seasons pitching for the Maulers. His ERA of 2.24 ranks him second on the team behind David Bannister. His 187 career strikeouts is a Can-Am record.

Horsley finished 2nd in voting for the Pitcher of the Year award in his rookie year, 2017. His debut season also featured a 2-hit shutout against the Tonawanda Tech Titans, and a trip to the All-Star game.

The Dallas prospect pipeline desperately needs an arm like Horsley’s. Their system is currently bereft of any talented pitching at any level. Though they picked up former Calgary Inferno lefty Fernando Latorre, but he has not lived up to expectations behind the meagre Dallas offense.

With the lack of good pitching, Horsley may find his services employed at the top level sooner rather than later.

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