2017 Season Was Best Yet For Fans

The numbers are in, and the 2017 season was a spectacular success, which has led the Bull League to renegotiate media contracts and reassess team finances for the 2018 season.

Overall, due to the lengthened 100-game season, the league’s overall attendance numbers were up. The regular season saw 33,399,885 fans in paid attendance at ballparks throughout the American Eagle and Lake leagues.

Based on the league total, the average team saw their attendance hit 1,669,994 for the 100-game season, or about 33,400 per game.

Total revenue for the Bull League reached nearly $2.492 billion, with the upper end team raking in $171.6 million (Montreal Metros), and the lowest grossing team taking $82.3 million (Battle Creek Attack).

On the diamond, there were some impressive stats put up by the players. A total of 1,925 home runs were hit in 2017, and 8,161 runs scored. Pitchers struck out 15,457 batters through a total of 17,994.2 innings pitched. There were a total of 151 shutout games, of the 1,000 regular season games played.

The Bull League batting average was .252, while the league ERA average was 3.80. Runs per game have been on a steady decrease, from an AEL high of 5.5 in 1995, and an LL high of 5.3 in 1999, to last year’s AEL total of 4.3 and LL total of 3.9.


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