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    The league will reorganize things slightly this coming off-season. We had originally planned to contract by 4 teams, however have 4 divisions of 5 teams (20 total) is about as small as we’d like to get for a number of reasons.
    Dropping to 16 teams means reworking our custom schedule, which is a serious pain in the neck. It also means eliminating numerous minor league teams and rethinking our feeder leagues and draft.

    Instead, we will keep the 20 teams and hopefully fill up our AI-managed ones with human managers when we switch to our blended sim schedule (“slow” or “real-time” over the summers, and slightly accelerated during the off-season).

    So here’s what’s going to happen this off-season:

    • The American Eagle League will be renamed to the Metropolitan League to reflect the new focus on placing the teams in larger urban centers
    • The Rimouski Fighting Moose will relocate to Pittsburgh, PA if there is no human GM. The new nickname has not yet been decided, but could be Ironmen or Mountainmen.
    • Louisville Sluggers will either relocate to Milwaukee, WI, or switch to the other league and remain in Louisville (to keep the I-71 series rivalry going with the Oxen). Denver would then come to the Lake League West and move to Milwaukee. Proposed name would be the Reapers.
    • Nevada and Arizona will relocate to larger cities within their states, and benefit from larger market sizes and attendance. This will mean new stadiums and an opportunity to increase attendance size.
    • I would like to move a team into Philly, as it sets up a nice rivalry between Pittsburgh. Candidates are any teams in the east division of a league.

      Changes will likely be implemented just before off-season kicks in so that they benefit from market size changes.

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