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    Last off-season we introduced the 2012/2016 CBA changes that the OOTP18 game supports. While this coming off-season, there is no new CBA to implement, there will be some important changes to league finances:

    • The minimum salary will go from $535,000 to $550,000
    • Player contracts over $30 million/year will be reduced by 10%
    • The league soft cap will change from 120% to 115% – this means if a team exceeds the league average payroll by 15% (rather than 20%) they will be subject to the Luxury Tax
    • The league luxury tax will also increase, from 20% to 50%. Should a team exceed the soft cap, the luxury tax increase will mean that they must pay an additional tax of 50% of the excess player salary costs into the pool, which is then distributed among the teams that did not exceed the soft cap
    • No changes to the merchandising or media revenue figures
    • Average coach salary will increase to $275,000 (currently $206,000) – this will not affect existing coach contracts

    I should clarify, the media and merchandising amounts were not adjusted by the commissioner. However, the game inflation raised these amounts slightly for 2019.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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