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Summer College Tournament Launched

The Bull League has launched a Summer College Tournament, an international event that will bring together the very best college and high school players from eight countries around the world. The inaugural tournament will run in August, and include teams from Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

The tournament will become a regular feature of the Bull League schedule, and in future years will run shortly after the Bull League amateur player draft in June.

For its first year, teams will play a three game schedule before the knock-out round of the playoffs begin. The playoffs will feature a round robin, followed by a semi-final round of the top four teams, and then a championship round.

Already, the team rosters have filled with some of the top talent in the collegiate and high school levels, out of the Can-Am College League, which primarily includes schools in the US, Canada and the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim College League, which includes many Japanese and Korean schools, as well as some from Australia, and other Asian countries.

Some of the top talent includes:

  • Australia
    • (P) Elijah Morgensten, 23 – Pyongyang Stellar University (PRC)
    • (RF) Mick Lundgren, 23 – Battery Park University (CAM)
    • (LF) Wayne Southey, 21 – Grand Canyon College (CAM)
  • Canada
    • (P) James Borden, 20 – Mass Bay Law College (CAM)
    • (CF) Raliegh Bowes, 22 – Chester A. Arthur School (CAM)
    • (RF) Lloyd Brewer, 20 – Utah State University (CAM)
  • Japan
    • (LF) Hajime Kajahara, 21 – Yokohama University (PRC)
    • (P) Shun Aoki, 21 – Melbourne University (PRC)
    • (P) Yoshitoki Arakaki, 18 – Osaka University (PRC)
  • Mexico
    • (CF) Jeff Passig, 19 – Ecatepec High School (NAHS)
    • (2B) Emilio Calzado, 18 – Everglades University (CAM)
    • (C) Tony Canales, 18 – Brian Mulroney School of Public Administration (CAM)
  • Puerto Rico
    • (3B) Nelson Acuna, 18 – Brisbane College (PRC)
    • (C) Dave Aguirre, 18 – Panama City Financial College (NAHS)
    • (P) Oscar Almazan, 18 – Manila University (PRC)
  • South Korea
    • (CF) Sun-woo Cho, 20 – Taipei Sports Academy (PRC)
    • (2B) Yun-ho Cho, 22 – Wellington College (PRC)
    • (1B) Chin-seok Chung, 20 – Pyongyang Stellar University (PRC)
  • United States
    • (P) Ivan Aguilar, 22 – Melbourne University (PRC)
    • (P) James Andree, 21 – Kentucky School of Distilling (CAM)
    • (P) David Bannister, 20 – Mass Bay Law College (CAM)

In addition, Toronto Nomads GM Ray Morrell will be taking the helm for the South Korean team for the duration of the tournament, which kicks off on August 1.



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