Second Team Wins College All-Star Game, 6-1

The Can-Am College All-Star Game took place last night, and the action on the field was hot as the Second Team beat the First Team 6-1.

Team 1 had stars from teams such as Danbury College, Mass Bay Law College, Rocky Mountain U, and others in the Canada and New England conferences. Team 2’s players were pulled from the Caribbean Six and the Southern conferences, from teams like Everglades U, Kentucky School of Distilling, and Freeport U.

Some of the most watched players were invited, with top-level draft prospects like Rocky Mtn U’s Takashi Hamasaki (5-1, 2.22 ERA), Mass Bay’s 3B-man Willie Ware (.413, 13 HR) playing on Team 1, and Everglades U’s Duane Carrere (2-2, 2.45 ERA), Grand Canyon College’s Matt Hall (3-1, 1.64 ERA) and Hispaniola College 1B-man David Vermillion (.330, 11 HR) featuring on Team 2.

Team 2’s Jonathan Meyer, pulled from the Chester A Arthur School’s roster for the occasion as a starting 3B-man, won game MVP honors with his 1-for-2 performance. Meyer had a 3rd inning Grand Slam off Vermont Botanical’s Alex Mitchell, who was hung with the loss decision.

Although Team 1 answered with a run of their own in the same frame, but Team 2 would score 2 more runs in the 7th and put the finishing touches on an exciting game.


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