Revamped CAN-AM College League Set to Roll

The Can-Am College League is set to enter its 2nd season in just over a week, and there have been some changes since last year that will no doubt draw attention.

Aside from a major league reorganization, a perusal of the prospect lists has turned up a Bull League familiar connection, as well.

First, the reorganization news. As mentioned back in January, the league dropped 2 teams and became an efficient 2-conference, 4-division, 24-team league for this season.

The new organization chart looks like this:

Can-Am College Divisions for 2018

Most notably is the removal of the Caribbean Six conference, which has now been replaced by the Academy Conference. The new addition consists of teams from major military and law enforcement academies, including West Point (US Military Academy), the US Naval Academy, the US Border Patrol Academy, Royal Military College (Canada), Canada Border Services college, and the Royal Military Academy (UK).

The Canadian Conference was cut from 8 teams to six, and some shuffling of teams was done in the remaining conferences to balance everything out.

Last year’s CAN-AM championship team, the Freeport University Rum Runners, are no longer in the league, though their players qualified as free agents both within and without the Can-Am league. Instead, the Caribbean English School Thunderbolts were moved to Freeport, Bahamas, and joined the Southern Conference as the second team outside of the US and Canada.


Veteran infielder Jesse Nelson, who at age 40 is still a heavy hitting bat, for the last six years for Seattle, has a son who is going to school at the Maine Oceanographic School, which is in the Can-Am’s Division A, New England Conference.

The younger Nelson is Jack “Tequila” Nelson, 17-year-old pitcher (who turns 18 in March, and thus qualified for the college league), who is said to be decent fastballer with a potentially good curve.

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