PRCL Week #4 – Busan Back On Top

The Busan Tech Brawlers have edged out the Melbourne U Admirals to reclaim the top spot in the PRCL power rankings for Week #4.

Both teams have been performing amazingly, but Busan had a 7-0 shutout to cap a 2-0 series against Incheon, while Melbourne split two series and lost a third, causing them to stumble an allow Busan to pass them.

The Admirals have also seen the injuries pile up, after learning yesterday they will lose freshman Sean Axworthy to a torn rotator cuff. He will rehab about 14 months, and the loss will be missed as he had provided key innings out of the bullpen, recording a 2.45 ERA on 11 innings in 13 relief appearances, striking out 18 batters whle walking just 3. That makes the fourth pitcher injury to the high-flying Admirals.

But, Busan is not far behind, either, with two starters on the mend, along with two budding right fielders. Still, the Brawlers have been able to leverage their offense in 1-run games, going 5-0 in these finishes. They are 1st in nearly every batting category, including average, OBP, slugging, hits and runs scored. Their bullpen ERA is the best in the JKC at 1.83. But they cannot let up, with Pyongyang chasing their heels and just 2 games behind them.


The AOC has chosen Taipei Sports Academy sophomore Sun-Woo Cho, a speedy center-fielder from South Korea, as their player of the week this week. Cho was on fire in the last 6 games, going 11-for-25 (.440), with a pair of homers and 6 ribbies. Despite the hot week, and two grand slams this season, Cho did not make the cut for the AOC All-Star team.

Over in the JKC, Makanaakua Mano of Yokohama U blew pitchers out of the sand, going 16-for-28 (.571) with a pair of homers, 6 RBIs and 7 runs scored. But, Mano is well off his 2017 pace. Those two homers are his only ones this season – last year he finished with 16.


Kobe Tech Bloodmutts lost LHP Yeow-whye Tan to a torn labrum. He had been pitching in relief against Yoko U, and had at that point already booked 1.0 inning pitched with just a single hit allowed.

Manila U’s Zachary Harlos, a freshman LHP with a 3.57 ERA this season, is also gone for several months after suffering a nerve injury in his wrist.

Melbourne’s starter Sean Axworthy was mentioned above, he will miss 14 months with his torn rotator cuff injury.



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