Port Royal College Takes High School World Series

(GAME DATE: 15 Apr. 2019) — The Port Royal College Colonials, based in Kingston, Jamaica, have defeated the highly favored New England Seminary Saints

Both teams had finished in first place in Division 1 of their conferences, the Saints on top of the Independent Schools Division 1 with a 19-11 record, 3 games ahead of the two wild card teams, Niagara Academy Fighters and Central Chicago Prep Bankers.

Indy Division 1 was a tight race right down the board, and Niagara Academy had only just muscled in to their wild card late in the season with a 4 game win streak, edging out the Springfield High School Simpsons and the Brockville Prep Joes while the early season favorites, George Sports High School Blue Chips

In the International Conference Division 1, a similar scene was played out. Port Royal at 20-10 had a small cushion over the wild cards of 3 games again, with the Mexico City High School Wingnuts and Louisiana College Red Wolves knotted up at 17-13.  Dutch Colonial Academy Gunners had gained ground, but not fast enough, and ended a game behind the wild cards.

Meanwhile, Guadalupe High School Slashers, who won the championship in the league’s first year, 2017, and made the playoffs as a wild card in 2018, suffered a 7 game losing streak in their last week, ending the short season 8 games behind Port Royal, and just out of the relegation slots.

The wild cards in both conferences put up not much resistance against the pennant winners. Central Chicago defeated Niagara Academy for the right to confront New England, but were swept out of the Conference Round, 2-0 by the Saints. Mexico City advanced past Lou College, but only managed to win one game against the Colonials.

Promotions and Relegations

The Indy Conference will see Garland Junior Prep sent back down to Division 2 after their first season in Division 1, in which they had a poor showing of 11-19. Joining them will be the Comox, BC-based West Coast High School Mounties,

Division 2 will promote Dallas Sports Academy Bats, who were a solid 20-10 to finish on top of the division. The Bats had made the final round of the playoffs against Guadalupe in 2017, but crashed miserably last season, earning the relegation for 2019. They should have most of their core intact after the draft, and may only lose RF Will Mullett, an 18 year old who swung 9 home runs and tied for 2nd in RBI’s with 26.

Also earning a lift to Division 1 are the Great Lakes High School Warlords,

In the Inter Conference, the Cancun High School Cervezas and Anguilla Prep Oceans

Panama City Financial College Millionaires finished 20-10 to take Division 2’s top spot, and they earned a first time promotion to Division 1. Meanwhile, the Green College Bugs tied Naucalpan High School Charros,

High School Awards will be announced shortly, but Anguilla’s Harry Hereford a 16-year-old first baseman from Stretford, England, is widely expected to get the MVP for the International Conference after batting .414 and hitting 15 home runs to tie for the Nor-Am lead as a sophomore.

Ross Demers, a 17-year-old from Kingston, Ontario, who plays for nearby Brockville Prep,

The contenders for best pitchers include Niagara Academy’s Eric Pinsent, a freshman who went 4-1 with an ERA of just 0.76 in his high school debut. The Montreal native, who at 15-years-old throws in the low 90’s, allowed just 3 earned runs all season, in 35.1 innings, striking out 50 batters. 

In the Inter Conference, the likely pitcher of the year candidate is Green College’s southpaw Kevin Coles, a junior from Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, who went 4-1 with an ERA of 1.28, whiffing 52 batters and allowing just 6 earned runs and 6 walks all season. 

Promotions and Relegations

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