Playoffs Start for CAN-AM’s 2nd Season

The second season of the Can-Am College League has entered the playoffs, using their new best-of-seven format and no designated-hitter rule for the first time.

Among the match-ups are some of the new teams added for the 2018 season, but conspicuously absent are last year’s champions, Freeport University, which left the league, and the 2017 runner-up, Assiniboine University, which failed to qualify.

The Division A playoff teams include both the Canada Conference and New England Conference division champions, Fraser Valley Preservers (Port Coquitlam, BC) and Vermont Botanical Academy Foresters (Burlington, VT), along with two wildcard teams from the Canada Conference, Collège Cardinal Richelieu Monarchistes (Quebec, QC) and Essex Tech Bullfrogs (Windsor, ON). New England Conference’s Tonawanda Tech Titans narrowly missed the wildcard spot after finishing one game behind Essex Tech.

For Division B, which has a brand-new conference for this season, the playoffs will see Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Blues and Reds (Sandhurst, England), the Academy Conference champions, and the Southern Conference champs, Grand Canyon College Spirits (Grand Canyon Village, AZ) as the two main contenders. They are joined by Academy’s Royal Military College Paladins (Kingston, ON) and Southern’s Everglades University Swampmen (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), who made the wildcards.

Round 1 will see the Preservers host the Bullfrogs, and the Foresters host the Monarchistes for the Division A match-ups, while in Division B it will be the Spirit and the Paladins, and the Swampmen up against the Blues and Reds.

All games start tonight.

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