Pacific Rim League Amends Schedule, To Start Earlier

College baseball will start a month earlier, after the Pacific Rim College League decided to amend their schedule to start playing baseball in mid-January.

Under the former schedule, the PRC League started around the same time as the Can-Am and NCAA leagues, in mid-February.

Weather was the main reason for the change, and also to bring more of a focus on the league, giving Bull League GM’s an opportunity to follow progress and scout players from the PRC before the other college and high school games get underway.

The focus this year will be squarely on the Tokyo College Veterans, who were the 2017 PRC Champions. Led by upcoming starts like 1B Wai-ho Fang (who was drafted by Norfolk in round 30 in June) and right-hander Peter Guthrie, Tokyo defeated the Fiji College Red Wolves in four games during the final playoff round.

Pre-season for the PRC opens December 16, with the first games on January 15, 2018. The schedule will run 54 games.


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