Pacific Colleges, High School Leagues Start Today

The Pacific Rim College league, and the North American (Nor-Am) High School League, both get underway today, bringing all three new “feeder” leagues into action for the first time.

Up until now, each year’s First Year Player Draft has been supplied by players from around the various amateur and college leagues. But as of this season, three leagues have been formed specifically to provide those players to the Bull League.

The first, the Can-Am College league, got underway on February 20, and is already entering its’ second week of play. The Can-Am season will run 75 games and wrap up April 27, before launching into playoffs.

The Pacific Rim College League (PRCL), which features 20 teams in Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand, and other Pacific islands, will run for just 54 games but will include an All-Star Game. That league wraps up regular season play on April 30.

Finally, the Nor-Am High School League includes 32 US, Canadian and Caribbean teams, and plays a 40 game schedule which ends April 16.

Altogether, the three feeder leagues are expected to provide some exciting and entertaining young talent to watch out for in the run up to the Bull League’s June Draft, scheduled fro Saturday, June 17.

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