NCAA Top 10 Rankings

  1. Indiana
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Iowa
  4. USC
  5. LSU
  6. Duke
  7. Kentucky
  8. Oregon State
  9. Rutgers
  10. Washington State

The NCAA season starts in February, but we are already looking at the crop of NCAA players for the next season – many of whom will feature in the 2018 draft.

Indiana Hoosiers have two of the top pitching prospects, including #2 overall ranked RHP Jonathan Davis, and 22-year-old Alex Arnold. Considering there are only seven pitchers in the OSA’s NCAA Top 100, that’s an impressive haul. Speedy RF Chris Gonzales is a defensive whiz who can tear around the base paths, but will need to find his swing path to be really effective.

State rivals Notre Dame Fighting Irish have what projects to be the top infield in NCAA, with all four of those positions taken by Top 100 players: Nick Terrell (OSA #3), Alex Mathis, Orlando Escobales, and John Lindsley.

The top OSA-ranked player is Duke‘s Scott Cichon, a hard-throwing lefty with a devastating changeup pitch that will have Bull League scouts salivating when he becomes draft-eligible next June.


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