Dominican Republic Dominates in College Final

The Summer College Tournament, featuring the best and brightest international college and high school players, has finally come to a close in a grand finish that saw last year’s silver medal winner, Dominican Republic, take the gold in 2018.

The Dominicans defeated the team from South Korea 7-2 to take the gold medal game, and were crowned champions as a result.

Earlier, the Dominicans had defeated the Koreans in the semi-final round of the double-elimination tournament playoff, blanking them 4-0, with Efrain Granados, of Utah State U’s Preachers, notching a win. The southpaw was also 2-for-3 at the plate with an RBI.

South Korea, with one elimination as a result, then had to play Canada, whom they had earlier defeated in the quarterfinal round. The winner would move on to play the Dominicans, who had remained undefeated through the playoffs.

It was a close one, but Korea edged Canada 2-1, taking Canadian starter Franck Legros, of the PRCL’s Melbourne Admirals, into the 8th inning on just 5 hits, and 2 earned runs. Legros had a strong game, and was determined to hold on to give his batters a chance to level the score, but he left with an injury in the 8th and later learned he would require surgery for a torn UCL. The sophomore will not return for his junior year.

With the loss, Canada captured the bronze medal. Australia, the fourth team in the playoffs, had been eliminated in the quarterfinals after first losing the the Dominican Republic, then to Canada.

Dominican Republic manager Dylan Maccarone was said to be pleased with the win, but was anxious to return to focusing on his Ohio Oxen, who are currently fighting to maintain a wildcard in the Lake League West.


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