CIS Player Awards Announced

The Canadian Intercollegiate Sports baseball league has announced its 2017 player awards for both of its conferences, the Ontario-based OUA and the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association, or CCBA.

Those talented players who take home the awards can likely look at early scouting and a possible draft pick in their future, as the league slides into its off-season now.

Waterloo’s Brian Peck took home the OUA Larry Walker MVP Award, along with other hardware, for 2017

First, in the OUA, the Larry Walker Most Valuable Player (MVP) was first baseman Brian Peck of the Waterloo Warriors. The 22-year-old went .381/.518/.413 with 24 hits in 63 at bats over 19 games. His great on base percentage also factored in his incredible ability to draw walks – 14 in total.

Peck also earned the Great Glove, and the Platinum Stick awards for his excellent hitting and fielding. The Oakville native will likely “age out” of college, and so will probably turn free agent if not drafted next year. But with his talent and skills, a draft slot is very much a possibility.

The Ferguson Jenkins Pitcher of the Year for the OUA was Steve Dos Santos, another Waterloo Warrior. The 19-year old sophomore went 1-0 with 1 save, sitting down 12 batters in 8.0 innings through his 5 games. Though anticipated to eventually turn starter, Dos Santos had an incredible year in the bullpen, allowing just 2 hits and 1 run all year, and only walking two batters as well.

Another great relief pitcher in the OUA this year was named as the Reliever of the Year. Vancouver’s Jim Jayne, a right-hander for McMaster Marauders, also made 8 appearances, pitching in 11.2 innings. He accumulated 3 saves whilst striking out 17 batters and allowing no earned runs, for a perfect 0.00 ERA.

Over in the CCBA, Carleton Ravens outfielder Johnny Rankin scored the Larry Walker MVP Award after compiling a slash line of .333/.537/.368. Another batter who had no trouble drawing walks, Rankin earned 24 free passes, more than he had hits (19).

John Elliott nabbed the CCBA’s Ferguson Jenkins Pitcher of the Year trophy, following his impressive 7-for-7 saves for a 1.000% save percentage. The right-hander from McAdam, New Brunswich used his blistering 98 mph fastball and devastating 12-6 curve to strike out 11 batters in just 6.1 innings. He did not allow a walk or an earned run in any of his 7 appearances, and only 3 hitters managed to bat themselves on base when facing him.

Elliott also secured the Reliever of the Year and the Rookie of the Year awards for the CCBA. As a 20-year-old, he will surely return to college baseball next season but look for his name in the draft eligibility lists soon.

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