Canadian, US Collegiate Teams Join Bull League

The Bull League started an “in-house” collegiate and high school baseball system back in at the beginning of 2017 in order to ensure a steady supply of amateur draftees for each June’s first year draft. Up until now these teams were all fictional colleges and high schools created just for the Bull League universe.

Recently, however, the league added the baseball teams of 20 actual Canadian universities, along with 32 real NCAA Division I colleges from the United States. And while the players and schedules will be fictional to suit the Bull League’s OOTP baseball simulation universe, the colleges, teams, nicknames and uniforms will all be based on the actual school teams represented.

The NCAA Division I consists of nearly 300 schools in real life. To keep things manageable, just 32 schools have been added in the Bull League’s version of the NCAA DI. There are eight teams from each of just four conferences, including the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, PAC-12 and the Southeastern. These four groupings include such well-known schools as Clemson, Auburn, Texas A&M, Stanford, UCLA, Florida State, and many more.

Similarly to the actual NCAA, the college baseball schedule will run from winter to spring, starting in mid-February, and wrapping up by May.

U Sports, in the Bull League, will represent all 20 Canadian collegiate baseball teams

College baseball is played in Canada, too, and is growing in popularity, though it is not yet a varsity sport and the quality is certainly nowhere near the NCAA level. But as a heavily Canadian league, the Bull League has added an implementation of Canadian university baseball as well.

There is no national governing league or conference for Canadian university baseball, where teams are instead formed into regional conferences which are independent of each other. But in our fictional representation, the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association (CCBA) and the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) association form two conferences of ten schools each, under the U Sports banner (formerly known as Canadian Interuniversity Sports).

The teams represented include all ten actual OUA baseball schools, and ten of the eleven CCBA ones, including: McGill, Queen’s, Western, Brock, Dalhousie and more.

Due to the Canadian climate and academic schedule, the U Sports season in the Bull League will run from mid-September until late October, and include a national championship playoff between the CCBA and OUA champions. The fictional U Sports players will also qualify for the Bull League draft.

In total, there are now 5 complete feeder leagues for the Bull League baseball universe. Players from all teams will qualify for the annual Summer College Tournament which was implemented in 2017 as well, featuring eight national collegiate teams rostering the very best talent from the various college and high school leagues.

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