Cales Blasts 3 in Razorbacks Opening 18-10 Loss

Brooks Cales, a 19-year-old freshman left fielder, had a stunning 3-home run game to open the Arkansas Razorbacks season, for a total of 6 runs batted in, but still ended up on the losing side yesterday.

The Auburn Tigers hosted the Razorbacks, keeping pace with Arkansas until exploding with an 8-run rally in the 7th inning to make it 17-9. Both teams would add one more run apiece before it was done.

Lefty-batting Cales went 4-for-5, with a 2-run homer to open the scoring in the first, a 3-run shot in the 2nd, and a solo it in the 8th. He singled and struck out in his other plate appearances.

But it would not be enough, as Auburn teed up a total of 7 times against the ‘Backs pitching, including two shots off of the unfortunately named David Dinger. While Cales was solid with the bat, he hurt his team defensively, chalking up two errors, while catcher Alex Galindo added a third.

The Tigers also committed a trio of errors, all by outfielders, and it was apparent that the chilly and windy conditions were at least partly to blame as the mercury dipped to 49 degrees.

The game could also stay on the books as one of the longest in college baseball for a regulation 9-inning game, going 4:41 from first pitch to the last out.


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