2019 NCAA Roundup, Playoff Teams Almost Set

(GAME DATE — 2019-04-15) —

While we will preview the high-potential draft choices in a later article, we are ready to announce all but 1 playoff seed as the PAC-12’s wild card remains up for grabs.

Miami Hurricanes took the ACC pennant this year

Three ACC teams have made the cut this year, Miami, Notre Dame and Florida State. They will be joined by the Big Ten’s Rutgers 

USC will lead the Pac-12 conference into the playoffs, but we must wait to see who wins the final game of the season between Alabama and Auburn, two teams currently in the wild card and vying for the conference title in the SEC.

Should Bama win, they will have the SEC title, and Auburn will take the #1 wild card slot, leaving Pac-12’s Arizona and Washington

If Auburn beats the Crimson Tide, they will tie for the SEC title and go to a one-game playoff to determine the champion.

In both scenarios, Arizona

The hot names to come out of the NCAA this season are John Rambo (Arizona), who knocked an impressive 32 home runs in 56 games, leading the NCAA in long balls and in RBIs, with 82. Rambo also tied LSU’s Alex Ramos

Among pitchers, FSU’s Josh Moore

Going into the playoffs, Florida and Miami are sure to clash, both were solid teams through the season. The Canes finish with 35 wins, which tops the NCAA, though the Crimson Tide could tie it with their game against Auburn today.

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