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Portrait of Payton Bint

LL Announces Outstanding Batter Award

(GAME DATE — August 1, 2020) — Detroit Motorheads fans may just have witnessed a star player blossoming before their eyes in July. Payton Bint put up a remarkable month at the age of 24 and has been named the Lake League Batter of the Month.

For the month, Bint hit .418 with 11 home runs, 22 RBIs and 28 runs scored. This season Bint is batting .334 with 107 RBIs, 82 runs scored and 40 home runs. Continue reading “LL Announces Outstanding Batter Award”

ML Announces June’s Best Starter

(GAME DATE — July 1, 2020) — Robby McWeeney took a much-deserved turn in the spotlight earlier today as he accepted the Metropolitan League Pitcher of the Month award for June.

The 26-year-old Cowboys starter is a relative newcomer to the league, but nonetheless racked up an impressive 4-2 won-lost record in 6 starts. This month he fanned 43 batters in 45.2 innings and compiled a 1.77 ERA. Continue reading “ML Announces June’s Best Starter”

Higuchi Garners LL #1 Pitcher Award

(GAME DATE — July 1, 2020) — The hottest hurler in the Lake League last month was Takahide Higuchi of the Minneapolis Ravens. He caught the attention of everybody in the league with some eye-catching stats, good enough to win the LL Pitcher of the Month.

In June, Higuchi starred with an impressive 4-0 record. In 6 starts he gave up 33 base hits and struck out 41 in 45 innings with a 2.00 ERA. Continue reading “Higuchi Garners LL #1 Pitcher Award”

Covey Snares ML Top Batter Award in June

*(GAME DATE — July 1, 2020) — Bill Covey really put on a show in June, earning the Batter of the Month Award in the Metropolitan League!

The Seattle right fielder batted .354 with 10 home runs, 34 RBIs, 18 runs scored, along with 22 walks to compile a .471 on-base percentage. Continue reading “Covey Snares ML Top Batter Award in June”

Evandro Cerigo portrait

Evandro Cerigo is June’s #1 Hitter in LL

(GAME DATE — July 1, 2020) — Evandro Cerigo hit the baseball with consistency all month long and was voted the Lake League’s Batter of the Month for June.

The Minneapolis right fielder batted .347 and posted 10 home runs, 28 RBIs and 24 runs scored. He also drew 18 walks for a .479 OBP. Continue reading “Evandro Cerigo is June’s #1 Hitter in LL”

Strang Wins LL’s Best Bat Trophy

(GAME DATE — June 1, 2020) – Mike Strang really smoked the ball in May on his way to Batter of the Month honors in the Lake League.

The Chicago left fielder hit .389 with 12 home runs, 35 RBIs and 35 runs scored to round out his great month. Continue reading “Strang Wins LL’s Best Bat Trophy”