Platinum Glove Winners Announced

The Platinum Glove Awards given annually to the best defensive players at each position have been announced, and there have been few surprises. Those players that made the tough diving catches, against the wall leaps, and turned the incredible double plays all year are featured prominently.

The AEL winners for 2016 are:

P – Charles Ling (Norfolk)
C – Jerry Bravo (Dallas)
1B – David Chinchilla (California)
2B – Jacques Caron (Jacksonville)
3B – Glen Hradecky (California)
SS – Jon Martinez (Anchorage)
LF – Ger Vaartjes (Anchorage)
CF – Billy Leyva (Calgary)
RF – Javy Benitez (Denver)

The LL winners for 2016 are:

P – Marshall Bennett (Boston)
C – Gula Kareem (Toronto)
1B – Zenjiro Suga (Hamilton)
2B – Hector Martinez (New York)
3B – Alan Isimo (Montreal)
SS – Jimmy Bass (Battle Creek)
LF – Jose Ramirez (Montreal)
CF – Jose Ortiz (Kingston)
RF – Robert Araica (Montreal)

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