League Config

The following are a summary of the Bull League’s OOTP and other settings/format:

  • Runs on OOTP20 (Out of the Park Baseball 20)
  • 16 teams, 2 sub-leagues with 2 divisions each; 162-game regular seasons (April – September)
  • 3-round playoff (elimination round with division leaders and 2 wildcards, LCS round, and Bull Cup Championship)
    • Elimination Round entry is “seeded” by winning pct., Division Leaders take Seeds #1 and #2, while Seeds #3 and #4 are the next teams in winning pct. order by league. Round matchups are #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3.
  • 5-level minor league farm system (AAA, AA, A, Short Season A and Rookie)
    • AAA – Cow League
    • AA – Heifer League
    • A – Calf League
    • Short Season A – Milk League (mid-summer)
    • Rookie – Florida Rookie League
  • We have multiple feeder leagues (College and High School) and tournaments, including:  FALL international pro tournament (Oct-Nov), WINTER rookie development league (Jan-Feb), SUMMER college world cup tournament (July).
  • All teams and player rosters are fictional – satirical/humorous names are encouraged!
  • Over 20 years of simulated league/team histories (OOTP stats date from 1995, league has existed since 1989)
  • Full Scouting and Development on (20-80 format)
  • Full coaching on
  • Financials on
  • Injuries/suspensions on (no drug suspensions)
  • Sim schedule varies by phase of the playing season

Some other things to know:

We are excited to involve people and have a fully functional Wiki site, Twitter and Facebook sites, and are looking at YouTube live streaming for some games (ASG, playoffs, featured games, etc.). We use Slack for communications extensively, and have integrated real-time results with Slack for added depth.

We use StatsLab and StatsPlus mods for details enhancement of your managerial enjoyment and many of our teams have their own Twitter feeds.