The Bull Baseball League was originally formed in 1989, as a fictional computer-based 20-team baseball league using the Earl Weaver Baseball baseball sim program on an Amiga 2000. Operating a simulation baseball league of that size on EWB proved challenging, and by 1991 the league was reduced to just 12 teams, in two leagues – “Lake League” teams based mainly around the Great Lakes and points east, and the “American Eagle League” which covered the rest of the USA.

After about 1993, regular game play ceased and with the downturn in baseball interest overall due to the strike the following year, the Bull League fell into hibernation.

That was, until the commissioner came across the incredible baseball sim program, Out of the Park. The OOTP17 platform is exactly what the league was looking for in 1989-1993, and for sports and stats junkies, it’s an addictive and highly realistic full featured simulation. The old league records, rosters and newsletters were dusted off and gleaned for details, and then the simulated back seasons began. The 1995-2015 seasons were simulated in July of 2016, and now the league is “caught up” and will continue in real-time.

The season was extended to 82 games to give a longer taste of baseball fun, and the work was done to set about getting the Bull League online to take advantage of social media and online management capabilities that just didn’t exist in 1989.

In 2017, the season was once again expanded to 100 games – bringing it closer to the MLB-length season. We are now on the latest OOTP18 game platform.

Interested in managing a team?  Email the commissioner at Commish@bullleague.org.

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